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A “prayer for judgment continued,” more commonly referred to as PJC and “prayer for judgment,” is a plea entered in the courtroom by the accused that is neither an admission or guilt nor a plea of innocence.  A PJC is a finding of guilt by the court, without an entry of judgment.

If a plea of prayer for judgment is granted by the judge, the charge against the accused is dismissed.  A judge typically has conditions by which a PJC will be granted.  For example, if the accused repeats the crime, or a similar one, within a certain time period, he or she will face both charges.  However, if the accused stays clean for the time period allotted, the record is expunged and the accused will face no punishment for the alleged offence.  In North Carolina, probationary time period for a prayer for judgment is typically three (3) years.

North Carolina Prayer For Judgment Defined | Caswell County Criminal Defense Lawyer

A PJC, or prayer for judgment, is like a deferred prosecution.  The judge can make a finding of guilt without entering judgment and set a new court date, usually a year later, for the accused.  If the accused has met the conditions set out by the judge, the charges can be dismissed.

Caswell County Court System- District 9A

Receiving a prayer for judgment continued in North Carolina is completely up to the discretion of the court.  For Caswell County, North Carolina, please note the court information below:

  • District Court Judge- offices are located in the Caswell County Courthouse at 139 East Church Street in Yanceyville, North Carolina 27379
  • District Attorney- Wallace Bradsher (336) 694-4174
  • Superior Court Judge- W. Osmond Smith, III (336) 694-7208

Caswell County, North Carolina is located about 45 minutes northeast of Greensboro, North Carolina and an hour north of Chapel Hill.  According to the 2011 Census, Caswell County had an estimated population of 23,403.

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A prayer for judgment (PJC) plea can be requested for a variety of charges.  A PJC on a traffic citation enables the accused to receive no DMV points and no insurance points, although the charge will still be visible on the defendant’s driving record.  For criminal law violations, a PJC means, instead of a conviction, the judge is not required to enter final judgment on the case.  Several years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina, a single mother was accused of felony child abuse.  Through aggressive representation, her lawyer worked out an agreement where she was not convicted of child abuse and instead received a prayer for judgment continued.  As a result, the mother was reunited with her family and has no conviction on her record.

Caswell County Criminal Defense Attorney | Prayer For Judgment (PJC) Relief

In many cases, a prayer for judgment may not be the optimal outcome for the accused.  If you, or someone you love, is accused of a criminal offense in Yanceyville, North Carolina and throughout Caswell County, you need the legal support and assistance of a North Carolina criminal defense attorney who knows the players and procedures in the Caswell County Court System.

At Everett Law Firm, P.A., our criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented individuals facing criminal charges in Caswell County, Chatham County, Alamance County, Durham County, Orange County, Person County, Wake County, and throughout North Carolina.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in the North Carolina Criminal Justice System and use our knowledge to aggressively advocate to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients.

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